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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Girl friends

I've blogged before about how blessed I am when it comes to wonderful girl friends but this week in particular I am amazed at how many wonderful people I get to call my friends.  I've had the opportunity to sit and enjoy a meal and/or snack with 3 different women this week and learn about their lives and experiences and history.  I've gotten to deepen that relationship and get vulnerable with them and I love that.  I seriously do.

I was chatting with an absolutely wonderful friend of mine tonight on fb and we were talking about a lot of different things and I was telling her how often I fail and screw up and that she really knows the "ugly" me (not the pastor's wife me-ha, as if there's a difference, lol).  I was sharing with her a conversation that I had with a friend and how it's so cool to have these honest and authentic conversations with people.  She wrote back and said, "both you and Levi have these magic powers that lead you to right situations where God uses you."  The cool part about that to me is:
  • God uses our screw ups, our insignificant attempts, our "ugly" 
  • God will open opportunity and all we have to do is be willing
  • God doesn't want us to play God, he wants us to LOVE 
  • there will be situations that we feel unequipped to handle and where we don't have the words or explanations and in those situations, God has the opportunity to work wonders
  • if we shut up and quit playing church and put feet on our LOVE, we can actually be the Church
  • patience & persistence are vital to grow a relationship
 It's cool to me to be able to sit back and reflect and truly be thankful for the opportunities that I have to love and be loved.  It really is amazing how many wonderful women I've been able to get to know & develop friendships with. Okay, those are my thoughts for tonight, kind of sporadic.

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