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Friday, February 4, 2011


So last night we had band practice.  About a year ago we went to 2 bands so we could a month on, month off rotation.  It's actually been really nice to be able to walk into church late and enjoy the service in that way.  I was off last month and I was really glad to get back at it. I'm glad I miss it.  I'm glad singing isn't a bore.  Jonathan and I have been singing together for the last 7 or 8 that's kind of crazy. There is definitely a chemistry and comfort that I have with him on stage.  A few years ago, I sang at a wedding with another guy and I realized how easy it was to sing with Jonathan and the things that you have to practice and work on, I really don't with him.  It's kind of like our voices know what the other's is going to do. Not saying I don't have to practice or it's always perfect but there is a comfort there.  I take that for granted so I thought I'd give him some props in my blog today.

I tease Levi and Jonathan and call Jonathan Levi's work wife.  I'm glad they have each other and it's been really cool to see their relationship grow and each of them stretch themselves.  This church planting stuff is pretty tough but they've definitely risen to the challenge.  They can admit mistakes, change their course, and learn.  I'm glad they have each other.

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Unknown said...

Everyone needs a break sometimes to keep focused and not burned out and it's always good to have people you can trust and work with close at hand.