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Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 12, 2011

We had a jam packed and wonderful day today.  Levi went one direction and went another so we're all pooped but we had so much fun. My kids went to our dear friend's birthday party at Shenaniganz and it was wonderful. A kept telling me she didn't want to bowl...once we got there, she was awesome.  She bowled and played laser tag. They had so much fun.  K-Man, April and I were on team and we did quite well too.  A had Steve with her for laser tag but once she got in there, she dropped him like a bad habit. She was so funny, running around by herself with her little gun. We ended our night at Paradise Burger and it was delicious!!  I love that family.  We always have tons of fun!!  Levi went with the men skeet shooting.  They had a great time too. We missed being with Levi today but glad all had fun!!  Here are some pics of the madness that was had:)

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Unknown said...

Great report. Glad everyone had such a good time.