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Friday, August 27, 2010


Okay so let me debrief about school this week.  I love A's teacher....LOVE LOVE LOVE her.  She is gentle yet firm and she is hip too....what a find!  I'm so thankful for her.  The realization of what a HUGE job teachers have hit me harder than ever.  I taught for 6 years before I had kids.  I loved it and I always taught in low income schools and in Nashville, it was an inner city ROUGH school. I loved it and I loved those kids.  I never thought about what it's like being on this side of school.  I got pretty emotional thinking about it.  I am entrusting my baby to another human being for 7 hours a day.  I want that person to love my child, treat my child with respect, care for her, laugh with her, have fun with her.  I want my child to enjoy her days, not dread them.  That's a big responsibility for a teacher.  And I have worked with a lot of teachers...I've seen the good and the bad.  I wrote A's teacher a note the first day of school thanking her for taking on the responsibility of teaching. I told her that we have prayed for her before we knew who she was.  I told her that I would support her this year with prayers and however else I could.  I also told her that as parents, we are trusting her to take care of our baby.  I almost tear up writing this. 

A has done AWESOME at school.  She loves it.  She tells me stories every afternoon about friends and other teachers and classes and who she sees in the hall.  I love hearing about it.  K Man and I are kind of lost without her.  I feel like I'm missing something...not something someone and I am.  It is so weird, even at day 5.  I am so glad that she's loving it because that would make it a lot harder.  Next week K and I go to school so we'll be a little more distracted. I am enjoying my one on one time with him. 

There's my school update!

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