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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Target Halloween Clearance & Wii

Okay so today I went to Target. Wendi & I went yesterday and did GREAT with coupons. We wanted to get some Wii games but they didn't have the $15 ones so we went again last night and then I went again this morning.

Last night we got the 6 Wii game deal and split it. I had coupons for the Leapster Tag and Tag Jr. So I got each child one for Christmas. $20 came right off the top and they were on sale. I also got an easy back oven and a couple other small things & a game I knew I neighbors wanted....all with coupons...Yes!!!

So today I went back and got lightbulbs, 6 more Wii Games & hit up the Halloween clearance.

I got:
1 box of wipes
1 outfit for a baby shower
3 random things from halloween clearance (pail, candy bowl, and carving kit)
5 Halloween costumes (snow princess, boy & girl pirates, 2 Star Wars boy costumes)
2 4 packs of GE energy saving lightbulbs
1 deoderant
1 body spray
6 $15 Wii Games (Christmas) we go. I paid $55.37 and saved $179.28. WOWSER!!!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Wow! Seriously? That is stinking impressive. I never leave Target without spending $100 and when I get out to the car, I have 2 things! How does that always happen? You have made me a believer. Now, the fun begins!