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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Word Up

Okay I'm just kind of feeling silly, no significance in the post title. I'm tutoring (kind of). Tuesdays are crazy days for me but I LOVE them. I get up really early, go to the gym, meet the girls at Starbucks, usually grocery shop, and then head home. I get ready and then when the kids get up I am ready to go. I like that. I really should get up early more than once a week. I think I'd be more productive. We went to the sprinkler park today with our playgroup. There were only a few of us b/c it stormed this morning so most of the girls stayed home. It was good. I got to talk to Janessa who I haven't talked to a lot. She is a cancer survivor and she is awesome. I am truly inspired by her and her outlook. It was really cool. My friend Wendi goes back to the oncologist tomorrow. Please say a prayer for her and her family. Levi and I are going to go with them and I'm really excited about it (I know weird right?). We love them and just feel like they've taken us in and vice versa (I hope). I just want to be there for them and just walk through life with them, bad and good. Emily and Ansley are going to watch my kiddos again. They watched them last week so Levi & I could go out for my birthday. It's good to connect with people.

We talked last week after dinner and she's awesome. I'm just so so so thankful for all the wonderful Catalyst people. Truly, they're awesome and I feel so blessed to be apart of them:)

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