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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Friends- Past Present Future

When I think back on my life (thus far), I have been blessed with friends. It has been easy for me to make friends for the most part and I'm thankful for that too. When I moved here, I realized how important friendship really is to me (I knew it but I think I took it for granted). I joined a playgroup here and that really helped me because I again had an instant network of friends. It's hard to develop friendships that go beyond chit chat because normally there are kids everywhere so you might be mid-sentence and have to rescue your child or someone else's. There are a group of us that do a mini preschool together so we get to connect a little more. This past week, some of us were sitting around talking (while our kiddos were playing, yes we were watching them) . I realized that our conversation was not superficial, we were talking about our kids and their personalities and our struggles as moms and women and wives. We were talking about hurts that we experienced. I realized that these were women that were my friends not just moms in a playgroup. I am so thankful for them.

As our church has grown, I've met some wonderful friends that way which has been SUPER!! A lot of them are younger than us and are kidless but love us and our kiddos which means more to me than they know. One couple just found out they were pregnant with twins....woohoo...I am so excited for them. That got me thinking how cool it's going to be ot journey through parenthood with them. I thought of another couple that we've met who is older than us but we have so much fun with and how they can help mentor us through parenthood. And not just parenthood but the different stages of life. I'm excited about that for Catalyst.

I was talking to a friend from our church in North Carolina last week and we started talking about Addy's accident this summer. She shared that her child had been in a similar accident and how hard it was for her. Even, 3 months after that accident, I found myself tearing up because it was really traumatic for me. It was so good to hear her story and that she understood and knew exactly how it felt. For her, that was 10 years ago but in talking about it was still fresh. I was so glad to hear from her.

I am going to my 10 year college reunion in a month...I know you didn't think I was that old did you? I could be one of those really smart kids who graduated college at 15. I'm not..I'm 33 so it's that 10 year reunion time. I think back to those days and I had a wonderful group of girl friends, we were called the Yo Yo Mamas. That's a story in itself but I love those girls and I am so excited about seeing them.

I guess I'm just reflecting on how important it is to connect with others and for me it is vital. God tends to put the right people in our lives for the right reason and purpose. I think that's so cool.


llowry said...

Baby, you are getting old, in fact so old that you don't know how old you are. I am glad to tell you that you are 32. You were born in May of 1976, making you 32 and a half if you want to be specific. I know it is cool to be 33, but you aren't there yet.

This is scary, I may need to start checking out Alzheimer's homes in the near future.

Andrea Hamton said...

Thank you Levi, I was about to call her out on her age, too. Most people subtract a year...not add a year!! :)

HeatherLow said... two! I can't believe that. When Levi told me, I just started could I add a year?! Oh no!!