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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Catalyst 2

I love Catalyst. We had a good service today. It started off as one of those days were I just kind of felt unsettled. I think Levi felt the same. When we walked in the theater (like 2 min. before start) there were 2 people in there...for real! By the time we finished the first song, there were around 50 in there. It felt much better:) Levi is still teaching from James. James doesn't play. He tells you like it is and doesn't care. Today talked about how rich some of the people were while there were innocent people dying. Levi gave the background of how rich and corrupt these landowners were. He talked a little about hoarding vs. saving. The point is where is your trust and where is your focus, on temporary (monetary) things or in the stability of a God who loves you. It's much more important to leave a legacy of trusting in the Almighty then to leave a legacy of wealth. I think it's cool that Levi tries to think practically when dealing with scripture and he said he kept coming back to where is said, "moths will eat your cloths." He said we might not be "rich" but most of us are rich in clothing. He challenged us to clean out our closets (especially winter) and bring it next week. It will be cool to see what everybody brings. I really liked that. We are not rich but we have things to give. We also have time and if we see a need and can meet it, I should. I'm going to try to live practically in that this week.

While we were singing today, I looked around at our crowd. It was so cool to see all different life stages, backgrounds, etc but to see everybody worshipping in one voice. I love Catalyst!

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