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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So, I love Groupon, Eversave, and all the other "deal" websites.  I love them and at times, I get a bit addicted to them:)

Getting my nails done is a TREAT.  I am a once every 3 or 4 month mani/pedi girl and I usually go to nail places where there are 10 chairs, nothing swanky, and I'm reminded of Bon Qui Qui skits every time. 
So, today April and I enjoyed one of these deals to celebrate my birthday (back in May).  It was at the Spa at Willowbend in Plano.  There was a wreck on the interstate so we were late.  I called and told them we'd be late.  The woman who answered the phone told me if we were 10 minutes late it was fine but if we were more than that, our pedi/mani would be shortened.  Okay so we go there between 10 and 15 minutes late. We filled out our paperwork and the receptionist who had a very strong European accent informed us that because we were 15 minutes late, we would lose 15 minutes of our services.  April and I looked at each other with a confused expression.  April asked, "What does that mean exactly?" At this point, I'm thinking, "If 10 minutes was acceptable to be late but 15 minutes meant we lost some time, wouldn't we only lose 5 minutes? "  She explained that there was a client right after us and she couldn't make them be 15 minutes late. Okay so I understand and I think we lost a massage.  We got the pedi/mani with paraffin which was wonderful.  Our nail techs were fine but April and I both felt like we were inconveniencing them a bit.  As we sat and let our nails dry, we fully expected clients to fill our spots, no one.  We let our nails dry, paid, and left without any other clients filling our spots.  And as we were leaving and paying, the same receptionist tried to upsale us another mani/pedi for a great price of $55. No offense, I would not pay $55 for what I got today.  Doesn't she know we're Groupon-alicious?  We bought the 3 mani/pedis a month ago for $55!!

My review:
  • my nails look great
  • the mani/pedi was very good 
  • I loved the paraffin treatment on my feet and hands.  It was great. 
  • greeting from receptionist wasn't very understanding or forgiving
  • didn't feel welcomed or appreciated as a customer
Final Thoughts: I'll stick with my Bon qui qui nail salons and leave the swanky spas for those with more cash flow!

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