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Friday, November 5, 2010

Turkey Day 5K...come on, let's do it!!!

Okay so once again, I'm going to copy my hubby's blog.

Who is Up for an informal 5k on Thanksgiving...
Many of you know that I was able to go to Ghana this summer with Mercy Project. My good friend and former neighbor Chris Field is the driving force behind this humanitarian effort. He has recently moved back to College Station, TX as he leads Mercy Project, raises awareness of child slavery, and raises funds to provide a better life for children who face the reality of slavery every day on Lake Volta in Ghana.

I have promised to be a mouthpiece to tell the story of these kids and to help in any way I can. In the last year I have played in a 50 hour long game of kickball (the game raised $20k). I went to Ghana to see these precious kids and have spoken to 25o high school kids about modern day slavery. I sold stuff so I could give to Mercy Project, and our small group held a garage sale that raised of $500 for MP. I am not bragging, quite the opposite in my opinion. I want us to realize that we don't have to be rich or give tens of thousands of dollars to make a difference. We have to be tenacious and keep it from slipping to the back burner of our schedule.

The 5k Challenge

MP will be holding a first annual Turkey Trot in College Station at 8 a.m. It is not feasable for me to drive that far for a 30 minute race. So, I got to thinking that I could just run a 5k through the neighborhood and invite some people to join me. We would pay the $25 and get t-shirts just like the racers in College Station and support a great cause.

I am hoping to get a minimum of 5 folks to run here in Rowlett. Seems pretty doable, so who's game?

Okay so back to far he has 5 confirmed runners (yes, I am one of them). If you're in the area, think about it and let me'll be fun and for a good cause. And heaven knows we could all burn a few calories before we stuff ourselves:)

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Unknown said...

I couldn't with knee trouble but I have a couple of daughter that could except for us being in NC. I do hope you get plenty of support. Have a successful run and a great weekend.