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Monday, February 18, 2008

Rainy Days & Mondays Always Get Me Down

So today is Monday and it was an okay day. I set my alarm so I could get up and read my Bible and write in my journal which I did. I prayed last night (I got home at midnight, my friend Xuan and I went and saw, "Over Her Dead Body" Don't waste your time, I did not like it.) and asked God to sustain me if I got up and read my Bible. Is that silly? Not for me... I love to sleep, it is a precious commodity when you have 2 small children. I kind of hoped that by reading my Bible this morning to start my day, I would have this great attitude today and life would just be bright and sunny all day. It wasn't. I definitely was glad I got up and read, it felt good. My attitude though was not good. I was skeptical today about some different things that I should not be skeptical about. It was weird. We're all kind of feeling cruddy. I know that makes it worse. I prayed that God would take my skepticism away and give me an undying joy. By the way, He did sustain me today. I napped with Addy today while Keegan was sleeping, that was a nice treat!! Our playgroup is coming over tomorrow. We're collecting items for Sharing Life and I'm glad the group jumped on board. I always have fun with them. I am very thankful that God opened that door for me. I'm not even going to reread this post or edit. They were random thoughts, but that's where I am right now.

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