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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am doing a Bible study and it's really challenging me. I've learned that I like to have things down in my brain. I like to understand. I don't always feel that way about what I read in scripture and sometimes it's hard to resolve that. Sometimes it seems contradictory or harsh and that doesn't "feel good" to me. I am learning though so that is good. A theme that is resounding so loud to me is to love. To love and to forgive and let things go. That is so hard for me but I'm really working on it. I can truly say I don't have hate in my heart for anyone. I can think of situations or experiences that kind of leave me with a yucky feeling. I think that's because I feel sad because they way they went down or ended. I wish every relationship, experience, situation, etc. felt great but that's not life. That is the part I hate.

I'm also trying to listen more. I'm reading a book that talks a lot about listening to your spouse or kids but not only to what they're saying but what they're not saying. It's really good. I think I talk to much...I can hear Levi amen-ing in the background. I'm working on that too.

Hope you're week is off to a great start. Mine has been good. We're having our playgroup over tomorrow. I think I counted 10 moms and 16 or 17's gonna be CRAZY!!! But always fun!

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Levi said...

I will be nowhere near this house tomorrow with all those rugrats around. You are a great hostess and have a knack for hospitality.