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Monday, November 24, 2008

Catch Up

We've had a crazy few days....although I can't remember a lot about the, bad sign I know. Let me recap, the van has given us a fit, again. Again, we were blessed with the means to pay for the repairs which were a lot less than what we originally thought. I'm amazed at how God uses people and I want to make sure I'm one of those people that He uses for others. However, it's hard to accept that sometimes, I tend to be prideful. I'm working on it. We stayed at home a good part of the week because the van was being worked on. That was actually nice. This weekend, we hung out at home alot too. We got all of our Christmas decorations and lights up and out. Andrew brought his big tall machine thing over and drug it in the front yard to help Levi put up our lights. We all took turns getting in it and going straight up. We could see the Wylie water tower, it was crazy, scary, and a little fun. I got all of Keegan's hair cut too. I didn't mean to. He wouldn't let anyone come near him with scissors ("Did you say scissors?" inside joke which I tell everybody so if I haven't told you, ask!). The clippers were okay but still he batted the lady's hand. It took 45minutes to cut his little head of hair. She was very patient with him. We ended our Sat night at the Bloomer's home. We celebrated Shelley's birthday with fondue, it was yumolicious!!! That was all the excitement I could handle for the weekend.

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