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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Catalyst Rocks

We were surprised and honored on Sunday by our church and friends. They planned a service and we shared God's goodness in our church family. It was so cool to hear people call out what they were thankful for. A friend of Levi & Jonathan's, Darrell MacLearn led the service. He interviewed Levi & Jonathan and then let some of the people from Catalyst share. It was so cool!! I love our church. They gifted us with a bed and breakfast nice! I got beautiful flowers. Then we headed over to a local park and had a cookout. The food was wonderful and there was so much of it. Wowser!!! Tim gave the Sprangs and us each a beautiful canvas print. Our print was of an old church, it's black and white. I love it. I already hung it above our fireplace. The whole day was such a wonderful surprise!! The only bad part was at the cookout, Addy started complaining about her ear. We took her to the doctor yesterday to find out she has a mean ear infection!

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