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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Albertson's STEAL

Okay so I just got back from my 10 year college reunion and have lots to say. However, that will have to wait till tomorrow. I have to blog about my steal at Albertsons. I've been out of the loop since I've been gone but I read a friend's blog tonight and saw there was a 3 day sale at Albertsons. I had to tutor till 11 so I quit about 10 minutes early and headed the 3 minutes to Albertsons. Okay so here's the deal, they had their family packs of chicken breast for $1.68 a pound. However, they were completely out of their family packs. The guy gets on the phone, calls the manager and he gives me the smaller packs at the same price....SCORE!!! Then, there were 2 coupons in the ad paper. One was buy 1 seasoned petite sirloins packs and get 2 free. Score again!! Final coupon was for $5 off a purchase of $50 or more. Well, my total was $60 and some change. I couldn't find small packs of petite sirloins and I wanted all the chicken because we eat that likes it's going out of style. My final cost....drum roll please......$33.94 for 15 pounds of chicken and 5 pounds of steak. That is crazy, that's $1.69 per pound. Nice!! Here's the actual breakdown just in case you're wondering:
Seasoned Sirloin- $14.06
Seasoned Sirloin- $13.50
Seasoned Sirloin- $13.34

Chicken Breast- $4.12
Chicken Breast- $3.92
Chicken Breast- $3.86
Chicken Breast- $3.85
Chicken Breast- $3.64

Total Before- $60.29
minus $5 coupon
minus $13.50 (steak)
minus $13.32 (steak)

Total Savings- $51.23
Total Out of Pocket- $33.94

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