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Sunday, November 16, 2008


I just got back from CVS. They have a GREAT deal on duracell batteries this week, buy $20 worth and get $15 back in ECB's. They also had CVS coupons $5 off of $30, $4 off of $20, and $3 off of $15. Those expired tonight....thus why I went tonight. So, I go and get my deal, $21 worth of duracell batteries and $10 Glade products (buy $10 in Glade and get $5 in ECBs). Well, my total was $33 something. I get $5 off with the CVS, $1.50 off of batteries, and $7.99 off of the Glade stuff. I pay $17 (they didn't let me stack my CVS coupons-bummer). I was fully expecting to get $20 back in ECB's. I only spent $18 in batteries. I only got $5 back. So, I went back and bought $22 in Duracell. All in all, I spent $29 which should of cost $55-ish. And I got back $35 in ECBs. That's pretty good. Now, I can go buy diapers for free-woohoo:)

I've got to blog about my weekend experience but that will have to wait till tomorrow. Good night.

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