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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Check In

Just checking in. This week is half over and we're in the heck did that happen? Goodness:) Let me fill you in on the week. It's been good. Levi and I are revamping our time which is a good thing and we've had a good week. Monday night we did a pastors and wives cookout with some friends in McKinney. We had a great time getting to know some other pastors in the area. It was fun. That morning the kids had their performance week for their music class. They both got in front of their class by themselves and sang a song (okay so maybe saying "sang" is a stretch but they both enjoyed the microphone very much). I was so proud:)

Tuesday we ended up taking Addy to the doctor because her cough will not stop. The doctor thinks she has asthma...which makes me really sad. Now she's on antibiotics, allergy meds, and a nebulizer until we can kick the cough. I feel so bad for her. The doctor said she can still go and be active so we headed to her soccer practice and then to Chickfila for our family night. We had a great time. I went out for a late Mom's Night Out at Snuffers. It was good to be with my mommy friends and just talk. Xuan came so we got to catch up which is sometimes hard to do with all the munchkins around.

Today I met my new friend hotmommy for lunch. I think we might share a brain...we've got some major connections going on. We had a great time and it's good to realize that the world isn't as big and disconnected as it sometimes feels. Thanks girl...can't wait to get together again.

It's been a good, full week. Tonight we're having some friends over and are looking forward to that time too:)

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