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Thursday, October 16, 2008


It's hard to parent sometimes. It's hard to discipline. I want to do what's right for them to make them into responsible, respectful, loving beings. It truly does hurt me more than it hurts them (well maybe an equal amount). It's hard when you know your kids intentions but you still have to punish for their actions because they have to learn there are consequences for their actions. For me, I'm having to figure this all out. I caught myself tonight wanting to belabor a point because I was embarrassed by my kids' actions. I don't want to do that, I want to discipline them for the action not my embarrassment. Does that make sense? I also have to remember that kids are kids and it's my job to help shape them and teach them.

My kids truly are sweet beings. I was talking to a friend today about Addy and how her nature is to step back and be non-confronatational (most of the time). I don't want her to get pushed around so I try to watch out for her. She definitely has to have a level of safety and security before she let's loose. Even though, she's usually pretty mild mannered. Tonight she did something WAY out of character. I honestly think she was caught in the moment and got carried away. I hope she's learned from that experience.

And a bit of randomness, today we were in Sam's. This lady passed us that had red hair and it was obviously colored. It did look more like a burgundy. So, as she passed us, Addy says (in a not so quiet voice), "Mommy, look at her pink hair." I just tried to smile and tell her to keep those things to herself or whisper them to me. It was quite obvious that she really liked the pink hair. And a note on Keegan, he points for everything but he is starting to make words. He can now say bird and bed which sound very similar but are very different:)

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