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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Fall--NOT the season

Today I took the kids to their music class. We had to go to the restroom. Keegan discovered the button on the water fountain and wouldn't leave it. I went to get him and turned the corner. My foot hit some water and started was kind of like slow motion (and I'm totally okay about being laughed at). My left foot started sliding (and yes I left skid marks) and I couldn't catch my balance. I am holding Keegan by the way, an extra 27 lbs. My right leg just gave way and it looked like I was doing a herkie (sp). It was my first herky or however you spell it. The lady at the desk looked up and saw me sitting on the ground in a herky and got a rag and came over. She cleaned up the water and made sure I was okay. There wasn't a lot of water, and my kids were both dry, thankfully. Anyway, I ended up filling out an incident report just in case. I'm fine, just embarassed, it's been a long time since I've fallen in public.

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HotMommy said...

Yikes, but take heart, you know that is exactly the kind of things that has and will happen to me too!!!!!