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Monday, October 6, 2008

The Walls Are Closing In

Does it ever feel like the walls are closing in? Like you can't gain any ground? I am feeling that way this afternoon as I type this. I almost didn't type this but I'm going to. I'm just needed to get it off my chest. We paid a major vehicle repair bill this summer. We knew Addy's medical bills would come in but thought they'd be a couple of thousand dollars. Well, we got some of those bills and it looks like it will be twice as much as we thought. My van did this crazy thing this weekend (yeah, the one we just spent a lot of money on). We've had to visit the doctor for one child and may have to visit for the other shortly. I feel like I'm suffocating financially. We are frugal, we budget, we have followed a plan so that we would not be suffocating...but we are. I don't understand it and it makes me mad. Levi was reffing 3 days a week, I was tutoring 15- 18 hours at night. We never saw each other and we were always tired. We've cut back on that and refocused ourselves to spend more time as a family and as a couple which has been great. I knew that staying home with our kids would be a sacrifice and it's been okay so far and if there's one thing I know, I know we will be okay. I know that God will take care of us. He has done so in amazing ways. I've got to focus and rely on that. I know we'll be okay. I know we can make payment arrangements for the medical stuff and we'll be okay. I just needed to get all of that out before I exploded. Thanks for listening.

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llowry said...

Probably doesn't help when your husband, who is a pastor, slams a door while saying, "I am tired of being freaking broke" to start a Monday morning for you. Sorry for that.

I too believe that God will provide. He has done so in amazing ways this year. Just another opportunity to see him work his mojo.