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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Ready for a random bloggy recap??

This week has been good. It felt a little more laid back which was nice. We went to the Little Gym one day for a playdate which is always a lot of fun. The kids just run around and the moms tend to spread out and watch each other's kids. That was the only playdate we did this week, except for our preschool.

We had Sue & Jeff over for dinner on Wednesday night. We had a lot of fun with them. They are both so much fun. Sue brought a delicious pumpkin cake..yumolicous!!

Tuesday was our 8th anniversary. We actually celebrated the Saturday before. Heidi & Jason (our friends from my mommy group) kept the kids so we could go out to eat. Heidi has a great book that gives date ideas. We did some questions from that book, I think it was called "A Trip Down Memory Lane." It was really neat. We spent time talking to them afterwards. Levi and Jason talked a lot which was really neat.

We did our family night at SpringCreek BBQ and then walked around Firewheel. It was nice. Addy loves her some Popcorn Papa. Speaking of Addy, she did a soccer scrimmage this week. I hope she gets some of Levi's athletic ability. She kind of stood in the middle of the one point I think she bent down to pick flowers. In hindsight I think she might be a little young for soccer but she's so darn cute out there in her little outfit.

This week, everyone has thrown up except me...knock on wood. I was afraid we were going to miss our Couple's Game Night because Levi got sick yesterday. It passed and I think we're all okay. We had a great time with our friends and we learned a new game that is now a fav of our's.

Today Catalyst peeps did a serve project at Sharing Life which is a place that does food, clothing, and other help. It's a great organization. I didn't go (obvious reasons-KIDS). And Levi didn't go either, he was reffing. The cool thing about Catalyst is that we do not want to be a church that relies on Levi and/or Jonathan to "do" everything. It's neat to see our people get excited and have a vision to go after something. It's neat that things can still get done (and done well) without them. A guy in our church Jono is our Serve Coordinator, he has a great relationship with Sharing Life. He's also got some other things lined up after Sharing Life. It's neat that he's just taken this"job" and run with it. It's cool to have a church with people who will see a need and meet it. We've seen Catayst do that in many different situations. That's so cool I think that's part of teaching people to become self sufficient christians...okay that sounds weird. I mean doing things because they're growing and doing things motivated by Christ not by the church or guilt or expectations of anyone other than Christ. Hope that makes sense. I have to admit I kind of felt weird about neither of us being there but I've had to work through that. I felt weird because of expectations of the pastor doing everything and being at everything and I worry about what people think or say. I really want to fight that (in myself). I don't want to put expectations on Levi and I or Jonathan & Meagan or our people for that matter. I think in myself I've always felt like everybody should be at and support everything. I see things a little differently now. I can remember going to church twice on Sunday, Wednesday for youth group, Thursday for "gym night" which turned into game night. And we usually did something on the Saturday too. That's a lot of going. Maybe part of that was being a teenager and being able to keep up wtih that schedule. I can see how people would get worn out. I can also see how people would be inwardly focused with their group of church friends. I think there's a balance there and I hope at Catalyst people feel free to be involved and connected and to serve with their fellow Catalyst people but also to be in their community loving people too.

So, how's that for random???

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