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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Week in Review

This has been a busy week. The days have been pretty laid back but our nights have been busy: Monday I tutored (a little), Tuesday we had band practice, Wednesday I tutored (a lot), Thursday we ate dinner with the Bloomers while Levi and Brad (okay Brad but Levi held the spotlight) fixed Levi's brakes. We had a great time with the Bloomers, they just feel like old friends. They tolerate our kids okay well they laugh at our kids...all I have to say is paybacks are coming Bloomers!! Our house is still a go. The inspection went great. The appraisal is supposed to be sometime this week. It might have been today or maybe tomorrow. We're still supposed to close May 30th which will save us one last NC house payment and the buyers a big interest payment. Keep praying!! The kids have done great this week. Keegan continues to be his own little person. He is definitely more challenging. We're trying to figure out what works with him. Addy was always pretty easy and would listen. Keegan gets mad! He's just like his dad....okay maybe he has a little of me in him :) I've really enjoyed my time with the kids this week. I think maybe because we just took it easy. Today was Levi's day off. He stayed at home while Keegan slept so it gave Addy and me Walmart time which is always fun. Addy does really well shopping, she doesn't ask for too much and we really just have a good time. Okay, I'm rambling and it's late. I hope everyone has a great weekend. We've got a lot planned but it will be fun!


[b]rad said...

Levi did a GREAT job of holding the spotlight. He was very professional... ...except when he shined it in my eyes...and yours... ...and Addy's...

...actually now that I think about it, Keegan may have done a better job. :)

HeatherLow said...'re so silly!! Thanks so much, you're a life saver:)