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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

AWESOME Church Service

So tonight out church band, Fusion, was asked to speak at a local church and Levi did a short devotional thought. We've sung at other city wide church services before no big deal's a lot of fun. Tonight was TOTALLY different! New Life is an all black church that just rocks the socks off!! It was awesome. They loved on us so much and were so accepting of our "rocking" music. We took the kids and they just ate them up. We got to worship with their praise team before our band played and they were awesome. I loved it. I told Meagan I think I've got some soul in me because I just felt so comfortable there and wanted to groove and move along with them. When we got up to was incredible. They sang with so much umph ( I know not a real word) and passion and charisma. I felt so much energy from them, it was awesome! I truly felt like I was worshiping with other brothers and sisters and that they were family. I don't know what I expected or thought it would be like. Honestly, I didn't give it much thought but was pleasantly surprised. I kind of got the idea that maybe this was a glimpse of what heaven will be like. It was awesome. I took the kids after we sang because it was almost 9. I would have liked to stay for the revival speaker but couldn't. I had to get home, put the kids to bed, and tutor.

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