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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

32 Today

Today was my 32nd birthday. It sounds so weird to say that and see it in print. Crazy!! I don't feel that old, although I don't think 32 is old at all. We had a good day, very laid back. Levi got a sitter for the evening (a crew of them actually) so we went out for a nice dinner. It was so nice and we really enjoyed each other's company. Sometimes when we go out, we just sit in silence just because it's so rare but tonight we talked a lot. It was very nice! I'm looking forward to this next year and all of the goodness that it holds. I am very thankful today for my life. I'm so grateful for my parents, I miss them so much. I'm thankful for Levi's family. I'm thankful for Levi and my kids. I cannot imagine my life without them. I'm thankful for this church and for all of the lessons we've learned and will continue to learn. I'm thankful for God's blessings and provision. This last year has been really tough and honestly I don't know if I'd do it again but in the same breath I'm thankful for the strengthening of my faith and my character. I've seen God do miracles in our life through situations and people and that has been priceless to me. So, I guess I would do it again.

Sidenotes: Our house is still set to close Friday and it looks like it really will happen. We took Allie to the groomer today to finish what we started. She looks like a rat or as Addy says with her arms stretched out as far as they can go, "She looks like a HUGE rat!"

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Chad Bowers said...

Hey Heather,
you are 1 day older than me, I am 32 today (wednesday). Happy Birthday!
chad bowers