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Monday, May 5, 2008

It is what it is.....

We had a great weekend. It always goes by too fast. Levi refs soccer every Saturday so it's just kind of weird. I like it when we can just hang out and be really laid back. We need the moola so it is what it is right now. We had a new couple over Saturday and got a chance to get to know them. It was very cool. They are very cool I should say. We had a great time.
Our crowd Sunday was down. We were missing a bunch of our regulars. The funny part is, almost all of them called before and told us they were going to be gone. I thought that was pretty cool. It's always exciting to see who is at church and just anticipate what God is going to do.
It looks like the Sprangs are going to get a contract on their house. I'm glad for them. I can imagine the relief they feel. Trying to sell these houses has been a long road and I'm glad their's is ending...I wish our's were. It's kind of funny, I've felt the doubt and worry come up for me about our house in North Carolina and I so don't want to feel that way. I know God has us here for a purpose and I know He will take care of us. I have experienced that and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He will take care of us. Humanly, it's hard for me to stay in that "happy place" for lack of a better term. I actually fasted today. I said a couple of months ago that I wanted to make that a habit and I've kind of fallen off the wagon. It definitely focuses me in the right direction and gets my eyes back where they need to be. I really want to make that a weekly or bi-monthly deal. I want to be totally dependent on Jesus for everything and I need that reminder to refocus. It's funny how you can be cruising along pretty good and then feel like you fell in a ditch. That sounds funny but that's kind of how I've felt the past few days....weird, I know. I'm ready to get out of the ditch.

I did get to scrapbook with some of my playgroup Mommies last night. It was a lot of fun. We stayed up way too late but it was so good to get some pages finished and for me to remember how much I LOVE to scrapbook. It's therapeutic for me. I love to look back at the pictures of the kids. It brings back all the good memories and I feel like I'm back there. I also can't believe how big they are and how much they've grown. It's always nice to be with my friends. We can talk about girl stuff and men and just be who we are. We're all so different but for the most part accepting of each other, I love that. I'm thankful for that.

On a side note, we got a call from one of the other pastors in our community tonight. Funny thing, we have about 3 church plants within a mile radius of each other and they all love each other. It's so cool. So, one of the pastors called to tell us that a house 2 doors down from where our church property is was burning down to the ground. When we had our "faux" ground breaking, a man pulled up to welcome us and wish us well. We think it's this man's house. Levi and our friend drove up there and then later Levi road his bike back up there to see if the people were outside. My heart breaks for them. I can't imagine the loss and knowing everything is gone. Levi is asking our people to help. I know they'll show up BIG and help this family out. I can't wait to see how Catalyst will be a catalyst in this family's life.

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