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Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Good Sunday

Well today was a good day. We're all tired and the kids are asleep thankfully. Today we were WAY down at church which is understandable being Memorial Day Weekend. And I was selfishly glad because we didn't have our usual crew of school age kids so I got to stay in the service and hear Levi preach. This is the first time I've heard him since we've gone weekly and the second time since we started Catalyst. It was so nice. I also didn't have to sing because we did a percussion Sunday. We had 3 high school guys playing a box, djembe, and the congas (or similar). They did awesome. So, it was nice just to rest and enjoy the service from the audience. Levi did really good. I'm so proud of him. I really enjoy hearing him speak! It was a nice break!

Then, tonight we went to a doggie birthday party. It was fun. We're really enjoying making new friends.

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rachel larkin said...

It's hard when you don't get to hear your spouse speak! It's great that you had a chance to hear him speak, I know you didn't take a moment of that service for granted! Have a great week.