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Saturday, July 19, 2008

WooHoo for Levi

Just wanted to give some public props to Levi. He got up EARLY this morning to do yard work. He had gone to Home Depot and the Lawn Mower store before the kids and I were out of bed. Crazy I know but it was nice to sleep in a little bit. Levi mowed our yard (and our neighbor's) and had trimmed the bushes. It was a lot of work for him. The yard looks great.

At some point, we need to tear most of the bushes out and start over. That's a big job so we're pacing ourselves. We also went to the Habitat store to look for laminate flooring. We're going to put that in our play room and office. I also ordered carpet for the bedrooms today. We're going down our list of priorities and carpet was definitely the number one priority. I ended up getting a frieze. It is flecked. The one I chose is lighter than my first choice but I think it will look good in our rooms. I think the darker one would have been too dark when we got it all in. So, in the next few weeks we'll have new carpet. WOOHOO!!!

Thanks Levi for all your hard work is VERY much appreciated! Love you!!

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