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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quick Catch Up

We've had a great week with my parents and sister and niece. I hated to see them go this morning. I think the hardest part of them leaving now is how sad Addy gets. It breaks my heart. I hate that about being here. I don't mean that to sound harsh because I know this is where we're supposed to be but I absolutely hate it and I have to watch that I don't get resentful about it. I'm so glad Addy and now Keegan love their family. I want to make sure we see them more often than we have. Nobody loves your kids like their grandparents. My kids have 2 awesome sets of grandparents and I'm so thankful for that. However, it makes it a lot harder being so far away.

We're headed to District Assembly in a little bit. They're just denominational meetings that are really boring but I love to see our friends from around the area. I sang yesterday and am singing in the services this afternoon and tomorrow morning too. We're a bit busy.

Next week our friends Brendan & Caitlin are coming from North Carolina. We can't wait to see them. They were our neighbors and we fell in love with their family. I wish their parents could come too and By-an (as Addy called Ryan). Maybe sometime we'll all get together again.

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