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Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 6, 2011

As a parent, there are definitely days of defeat and frustration. I feel like I've had a lot of those lately where the stress of life or situations or relationships has exceeded what I can handle and the two that love me the most get the brunt of my temper tantrum. I hate that. I truly despise that.  I would be embarrassed for anyone to see me in those moments.  They're just uncalled for and as an adult, I really need to have a better way of venting frustration.  And sometimes that means disciplining my kids sooner so that my buttons aren't pushed and then I blow up about something that is really minor.  Parental confessional.  

However, also as a parent, there are days when I am fun and energetic and ready for whatever they throw at me. I can handle it with grace and ease, nothing's a big deal.  I love that my kids play well together.  They are so funny to listen to and talk to.  I love that they love to be around me.  Tonight, I was trying to get a few minutes of alone wasn't happening.  They both joined me and danced for me and sang to me. They were just them and I loved every second of it.  In that moment, I was okay embracing that interruption to what I wanted and I'm so glad I did. I wish I was better at that. I'm going to try to be.  So in  honor of those crazy kiddos, here is today's silly picture of the day.  Whatever A does, K isn't far behind. He thinks it's funny to mimic her.  I asked them why A got the green shirt and K got the one with flowers on it.  I tried to get them to switch.  Their response, "Mom, he wanted to give you the flowers."  They have stolen my heart!

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Unknown said...

We all have those days and regrets. I know my youngest daughter does being mother to my 2 grandsons 2 & 4. She is blessed to be able to stay at home with them & I know it gets hectic sometimes but she and the boys will be better for having that time together instead of the alternative of separation and day cares. Have a great weekend.