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Friday, December 31, 2010


My parents were here all week and we had a FABULOUS time.  We just enjoyed our time together, Mom and I shopped.  Dad & Levi went to a movie.  The girls got our nails done.  Mom brought Memaw's peanut butter chews and a pecan pie. I made Memaw's orange slice fruitcake.  We met Jeff & Jessica (my cousins) for dinner one night.  It was nice to just be and enjoy.  I love seeing my kids with my parents.  That bond is so cool and I am so thankful that my kids enjoy being with them so much.  Addy would wake up early and go walking with mom.  And then either before or after dinner, we'd all go walk to the park again.

They left early this morning and we're all a little sad.  A had a hard time with the departure and I kept telling her, "A, it's okay." Her response, "Not to me it isn't. It is not okay."  And when K woke up and realized they were gone, he said, "Can you call them and ask them to stay 1 more day?"  It breaks my heart!!

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Unknown said...

It is a shame that families have to be so spread out that miles keep you apart for too long. To see one of my daughters is over 3 hrs. one way.