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Friday, December 17, 2010


Hey!!  I've had a super weird week in a lot of ways. It has been very hectic and the weekend will continue that way as well...thus the season right?!  I'm trying to remember the reason for the season not to be cliche'.  I'm trying to savor the joys and traditions and memories that are Christmas for me.  I love this time of year.  I also try to think about Jesus' birth and what that meant for God to send Him and for us to receive Him.  When we were growing up, my Dad used to do some reflective activities. One time at Christmas, he had each of us pick a player in the birth of Jesus and tell the story from our perspective (you know, a wiseman, shepherd, angel, sheep, cow, Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, etc).  It was probably really funny to hear us tell it but it definitely got us thinking.  I've had a lot of empathy and compassion for Mary since becoming a mother myself.  What a courageous girl.  Kind of weird to think about her maturity at her age.

This week has been busy and lots going on.  MeaMea came over today with Baby J and helped get ready for our open house this weekend.  We're opening our home to our church family and friends to drop in.  I'm looking forward to it. She came over and helped. It was good to catch up and love on that baby...he's so sweet!!!  This evening I've been cleaning and getting the house ready.  I'm feeling a lot better although I did have another weird episode in the middle of the night Wednesday.  Hopefully all is well now....strange:)

Anyway, not a whole lot to say but wanted to catch up.  Hopefully you're doing well.  Have a great weekend.

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Unknown said...

Glad you are doing good and having fun with the season. I will be driving the 3 hour trip to my middle daughter's house for the gathering of my girls. Will be running into some wintery weather on the way down but it should not be too bad. Have a wonderful weekend & God bless.