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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not a fan

of dealing with companies when things don't go well.  This weekend was crazy for me...I got sick on Sunday and I was down for the count. It was actually comical and embarrassing all at the same time. I literally had to run away from a friend mid conversation because I was gagging...gross I know sorry for the TMI. Anyway, I was out for a couple of days but now I'm back. Today I woke up feeling much better.

Back to the title of this post.  My Sprint phone has been acting weird. I was dreading taking it in because they last time it took them forever and I had to leave it.  I just don't have time for that..ha!  So, I finally bit the bullet and took it in yesterday.  First of all, the model of phone I have has common issues (whatever the heck that means) and they've discontinued it.  So, the lady tells me if it has to be replaced, I can give them $35 and they'll give me one on spot or I can send it to Sprint and it will be free.  I proceed to tell her that my phone will not update, it is slow, will freeze, etc.  BTW, keep in mind, I was not at my best but neither was she.  Other customers come in and she is super friendly. It was quite weird for me.  I was/am on some pretty strong meds but I definitely didn't imagine it all.

So, she tells me it will be 20 minutes for them to "fix" it.  I go across to Walmart and randomly, I notice a sprint employee walk past me...don't know why I even noticed that. So, after about 40 minutes or more, I go back.  She now tells me that I can send it but they can't guarantee that sprint will replace.  She said it will be free IF they approve it.  What is to approve?  If the phone has issues and is not working why wouldn't what I said back probably that was not a good day people.  So she tells me that that is what she's authorized to say...oh my gosh...get me out of here.  So, I thank her and ask if I can talk to a manager to get some clarity.  She says he's not here but I can talk to a tech.  I'd rather speak to a manager. So, she gives me his card and then she says, "and my name is ..." So I could include it in my conversation... Oh no she didn't!!  What in the world kind of customer service is that?!!

I walk out the door and dial the manager's number only to find out that now my phone has no service at all and will not make a call.  I march back in and let her know that now it will do nothing.  So, I wait another 20 or more minutes and listen to that employee and her coworker talk about whether or not they were going to Christmas party.  Finally the tech comes out, who is very kind and tells me I had a lot of apps running and it seems to be working fine, etc etc etc.  So, I say, "So, does it need to be replaced?"  NO, he says, it just needed to be cleaned. HOLY COW!!!  Who the heck checked my phone then?  Did the tech even ever look at my phone to begin with because guess what, he was the guy in Walmart that I saw.  Oh my lands.  So, she was going to get my phone replaced when all he had to do was clean it or something....craziness!!

So Sprint...I love your affordable plans that include all the bells & whistles but I am NOT a fan of the customer service I received in my local sprint store.

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