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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Being a Mom Rocks!!

So today I had a couple of FABULOUS mom moments that I don't want to forget.  A's teacher does "Elf on the Shelf," with them.  The kids love it and everyday they rush in and try to figure out where Little Red is hiding.  K and I went to her room one day and he saw the elf and said we should get one. So, HELLO!!!  I don't need to be told twice. I found a GREAT deal on Barnes & and ordered I mean we asked Santa to send us our very own "Elf on the Shelf."  Well he came today.  I was so excited.  We ripped open the package and read the book immediately.  K ran down the hall before we were even done.  A asked him, "You better come back here. You don't want the elf to tell Santa on you do you?"  He stopped and put his hands on his hips and said, "But A, I'm scared."  When Daddy came home they about bumrushed (is that a word?) him to tell him about our elf that we named, "Elvey!"  So Daddy read the story again (with only A because K again ran away).  So, we had some chickfila coupons and decided to go out to eat (meaning, I didn't lay out anything for dinner).  We talked a little about the elf and how he'd be in the box when we got home. Well, when we got home, we noticed that the living room lights were on.  Panic nearly ensued in our home.  We rushed to the box and opened it to find that Elvey was NO WHERE to be found.  Immediately, A buried her head in my sweatshirt and asked me to hold her.  K followed her lead and ran over to Daddy.  We decided to look for it...when I say we, I mean Mommy & Daddy because all 4 eyeballs of our children were seriously HIDDEN.  K put his head right in front of Levi's and would not look away. It was hysterical.  We couldn't quit laughing and could smack ourselves for not getting out the video camera.  A was shaking and wouldn't look either.  K spotted him but would not admit it.  Needless to say, the elf was not a huge hit tonight.  As we were tucking the kids in bed, K looked at me and said, "Mommy, I think we should send the elf back to Santa.  He's freaking me out."  Poor baby!!  And A barricaded herself under her covers and kept asking, "Are you sure he's not going to come back here? You know he moves."  Hopefully this will not backfire and we find all of us in the same bed tonight because they're having elf nightmares.

Second Magnificent Mommy Moment (that first one was just funny) happened this afternoon after Elf on the Shelf came.  My friend, Xuan, sent me a link to the Portable North Pole TV. I did this last year and it was fun but never could I have anticipated A's reaction.  I uploaded a few pics of her.  You click on the button for what they have done well and what you'd like them to work on. You put one gift they're getting, etc etc etc.  It's detailed and oh so cute.  So, I yell down the hall, "Oh my goodness, Santa just sent me an email for A and K."  They come running in and we play A's first.  Santa talks about how good she's been and what a great year she's had.  He tells her how much she helped her soccer team (while a pic of her in her uniform comes up).  He tells her what a big day her first day of kindergarten was (again while a pic comes  up).   As all of this is playing, I'm watching her.  She has the most GINORMOUS grin on her face. She is answering him and talking like he can see and hear her.  All of a sudden, I notice she has tears forming in her eyes.  Levi and I both stop and look at her.  I asked her if they were happy tears and she nodded wiping them away.  So of course, here go Levi and I wiping our tears.  It was so magical for all of us.  When Santa finished asking her about the toy she wanted, he told her to be good, kind, and generous (which I thought was wonderful). He said goodbye and the video ended.  She couldn't help herself and just began crying.  Levi asked her what was wrong and she said, through many tears, " I want Santa. I'm just so happy!"  What a great moment!!  I love that girl and how tender and innocent she is. I hope she stays that way forever!!  It was K's turn and he was super excited but not nearly as emotional.  I'm not sure he fully grasps the magic of that year he will:)

What a great day!! I love being a mom!!  My kids ROCK!


April said...

Hiding the pickle is a lot less scary. That's all I'm saying. :)

elanaobryan said...

What a sweet story.

Unknown said...

Enjoyed your whole account of the day. Hope you have another one today.