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Monday, August 3, 2009


Still a little cranky these days, not sure what my funk is but ready to be out of it. We're taking today easy. The kids naps have been weird or missing and it's good just to rest at home and get some stuff done around here. It's going to be really hot again this week, last week was a nice teaser. We had a nice weekend. We met the Bloomers Sat. night at Braum's for dinner. They're so great and I love the babies. Yesterday was a great day at Catalyst. I was back with the elementary kids and had a lot of fun. I do love kids, I think they keep you young (as long as they're not your own). We had a birthday party at a good friend's house. She is so creative and inspiring. And then the Booth Family came over last night for dinner. I love being with people. I love connecting and hearing their "story." I love Catalyst and what we're about. It truly is just loving people where they're at and living life with people. I love that. Please know that I'm not tooting my own horn (or Levi's for that matter-although he is rocking it). It's Catalyst, the people, who are so incredible. They are a diverse, loving, and accepting group (that's growing-yee haw). I just love going to church and seeing what God's going to do. Love it!! This week is a short week. We're excited about seeing old friends this week. I guess that's it for my random as it may be.

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