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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Tuesdays are really productive days for me, thankfully I have one. I get up early and go to Sbux and then to work out. I get home while the kiddos are still sleeping so I can catch up on me time (email, laundry, straightening, whatever). When I was jogging today I listened to a podcast from Mosaic Church in LA. Erwin McManus rocks. I love listening to him. Today it was on creativity and he taught about David & Goliath but from a total different perspective. He said how all of the soldiers could have done what David did but they didn't. He was creative with his slingshot (noone before had killed a giant that way). They all had the power but noone tapped into. He said that it was like that for them planting their church, they had to get creative. It was so good. He talked about how they met (and still meet) in a club. And how from the outside that appeared glamorous. What outsiders didn't know is that his team met early Sun. and cleaned that bar from all the grossness of the previous night (vomit, urine, and worse). And how they did it because they loved God and they wanted others to feel that love. How cool is that!! I pray that we're doing that at Catalyst.

I think too often we get hung up on doctrine and legalism that we forget we're all just here to love God and then love others. I hate hearing that people dog other churches because of differences that aren't Biblical at all. They're just manmade interpretations. I hope that makes sense. I don't ever want to turn my nose up or be negative about another church, we're all on the same team.

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Ashlie Seabolt said...

I love that your church is all about accepting everyone - and I wish all churches were like that! Hope you have a good trip!