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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Okay so I have to do a quick blog to brag on Addy. We were at a friend's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese yesterday. Addy, Keegan, and one of our friends were riding the mini-carousel...over and over and over and yes....over again. I was kind of getting dizzy just watching. An older boy walked up, probably 7 or 8 and said he wanted to ride. I told him that as soon as they got off he could. I was actually thinking in my head he was way too big and these 3 little ones were having a ball. He went to the Chuck E. Cheese picture car and put his token in and I thought it was done. When that turn stopped, our other friend who was on with us quickly put another coin in, she was seriously loving the carousel. Before I knew it, Addy got off the carousel and ran over to the little boy and told him he could have her spot. He was in the middle of his ride and Addy missed her turn. I was so proud of her. She is very thoughtful and I love that about her. She truly cares for people and looks out for them. I need/want to be more like that, forgoing my own wants and looking out for someone else's. Proud momma moment...thanks for letting me brag!

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