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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blessings Pt. 2

That last blog was getting lengthy so I thought I'd start another....

Last night, I sat with two women who are both dealing with cancer. I felt extremely inadequate in their presence. I was amazed that they were sharing their stories (and actually alot of our conversation was not about cancer) and just connecting. We laughed and I cried a bit. They are both amazingly strong women and I seriously was so honored to be with them. I could go into more detail but it is amazing to look at how their paths have crossed at just the right time to be able to help each other. I'm so thankful for both of them.

Today Catalyst was rocking. We had a great crowd and more new faces. It was so cool. We had a newcomer's lunch afterwards. Mike and Annette did fabulous with the taco bar, it was so good:) It was so cool to look around the crowd and see so many newcomers. I'm in awe of what God is doing here and so thankful that He is using us. I hope that doesn't sound arrogant, I just want to be right where He wants me.

This week is hopefully going to be a little more laid back. I'll keep you posted:)

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