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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Well, Wed. started pretty normally I guess. My friend, Ashlie, was going to take Addy to an Easter egg hunt while I took K to his 2 year check up. At about 5am K woke up with a crazy cough and kind of weird breathing patterns. It didn't sound good. It was croup. Which is treatable but if not treated quickly it could send us to the ER which scared me, especially with breathing issues. I knew I needed to get the steroids in him SOON. I went to pick up the prescriptions and they only had one. I had to go to another pharmacy and it took forever. Levi actually had to pick it up later. Anyway, I met up and got Addy, who had a blast by the way. Last night, I was taking dinner over to the new Bloomettes and needed to get the food going for them. I was running late. Levi had been at the building working. We didn't have the meds yet so he was still freaking me out with the breathing/barking/coughing stuff. Anyway, it was just crazy. And the big side effect of the steroids he is on is that it makes kids aggressive and at times violent. GREAT that's all I needed. I was worried about him. I wanted to go see the Bloomettes (which I didn't get to do, didn't want to expose although doc didn't think this type is contagious) so I was kind of bummed about that. I had to tutor for 3 hours. It was just kind of crazy. And before I started tutoring, I found out that a friend was just diagnosed with uterine cancer. This friend does so much good and is such a loving, caring person. It's so hard to know the right words to say or what to say. It is so sad.

We did get to visit with J-J and Mea-Mea last night, they brought us a Starbucks treat. It was a nice way to end the evening. Then, they all went to the building to work while I put the kiddos down and yes, you guessed it, tutored.

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