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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Super Saturday

Today was a great day. Levi got up early to ref so when he got home we all headed for the community Easter egg hunt. The hunt was over and there wasn't much to do there so we headed to lunch and the building. I was sorting and straightening the kid's rooms while Levi tried to mop. I thought Addy & Keegan were playing so well together when I hear Addy say, "Mom, Keegan's doing something very bad." Yeah, right, she waits till the bad is done to tell on him. They had gotten the Sam's size hand sanitizer from the changing table and Keegan had "gelled" up his hair. They were both cackling about it. Crazy kiddos. So, I headed for home. I actually got a babysitter (Thanks Ash!!) and headed back up there. The Sprangs, Moriarty's, and Lowry's worked up there for a few hours getting some final touches done. It was nice to be able to work uninterrupted. Levi and I had a nice dinner and headed up to see the Bloomettes & parents at the hospital. I love holding "fresh" babies. It truly reminds me of God's goodness and how perfect His plan truly is. There is nothing like a baby!! I love it!! Brad and Shelley have two beautiful babies...and nobody better tell Addy we went to the hospital without her or she'll KILL us!! Seriously!! :)

Looking forward to a very different but great service tomorrow at our BUILDING...woohoo!! However, we will be meeting outside, still we're there;)

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