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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Okay so you know you visit a fast food restaurant way too much when you walk in and they say, "Hey Addy, Hey Keegan!" And my kids run up and give hugs. It's bad but that's how it is for us at our local Chic-fil-a (which is by far the coolest one around). Our friend, Ms. Bari, loves our kids (or at least acts like she does). Last week, they were giving out "Easter" treats. She let Addy pick two. They set up a booth at a community Spring Fling event where you got to spin the wheel to see what item you got. She made sure we all got good prizes:) There are other employees there that know our kids and that ask us about Catalyst. It just makes me feel good. I love that. I love that I'm at home with my kids (ha-not at home literally a lot) so I can take them around the community to our "regular" hangouts. Ms. Bari even let Addy babysit the cow a few weeks ago. The cow came to the Spring Fling too. Here's a pic of it!

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