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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter & Catalyst Grand Opening

Today was an awesome day. It started storming around 6am and Addy crawled in bed with us, she is not a fan of lightning and thunder. I couldn't help but think about the tomb and how powerful that moment was when the stone rolled away. I was kind of glad for that reminder as I awake to the strength and power of the lightning flashes and the thunder claps. It was a good way to wake up on Easter (I know that's kind of weird but it got me thinking early on).

The Easter Bunny left goodies for the kids along with indoor Easter eggs. The kids do an "indoor" egg hunt before church. Unfortunately, I had to be at church early so Levi got to enjoy their faces and the hunt. Jonathan & Meagan picked me up and when we got to church, Sprang showed me the video that played behind us singing "True Love." It was awesome. I couldn't help but walk through each row this morning and pray for the people that would hopefully fill the worship center. Tears just kept flowing as I walked through the kid's area too. I cannot explain the anticipation and excitement that I felt this morning. We have spent so much time, energy, and whatever else we could muster in preparing for this day. I just prayed that God would bless that and keep all distraction away. I hope I never forget that. I hope I will always pray just as fervently for the people that walk in our doors, not just on Easter and our first time in our new building.

I will have to tell you that God not only met our expectations but exceeded them. There was not an empty spot in the parking lot (and a lot of our regulars parked on side streets and walked). We had 150 people and were missing about 20 regulars. (For some perspective, the most we've had is 69 and we were hoping for maybe 100.) Is that not killer??? It was AWESOME!!!! I was seriously just dumbfounded by it all. It was so cool to hear our people say, "Do you know them? Did you invite them?" And the answer was, "I have no clue who they are but how awesome that they're here." It truly was amazing. Thank you God for knocking our expectations out of the park!!!

Meagan's parents invited us over to eat Easter dinner with them. It was a lot of fun. It's good to be around family (even if they're not blood). We truly feel like Meagan & Jonathan are part of our family. The thing I struggle with most about being here is being so far from our families. It makes holidays really tough. It was good to be at someone's home and just relaxing. Rob and Sue treated us just like their own was nice!! Thanks:)

I'm pooped. I'm trying not to get sick, you know that tickle in your throat! I'm signing off and going to hit the hay. Happy Easter!!!

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Ashlie Seabolt said...

I'm so happy for you all! I was praying for you guys Sunday morning, and wishing I was there with you. God is amazing!