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Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

I'm reflecting today on Good Friday...why do we call it Good? It seems like it was all together horrible when Jesus was hung on the cross. I read on another site that good can be translated to holy. I also read that in translating the scriptures sometimes good and God got switched.

This Easter weekend is exciting for me because the whole reason we moved to Texas was to plant this church. We've waited a long time to be in our building. I think the original move in date was January 2008. It's exciting to see it all come together and to know that God's timing is perfect and right.

I was thinking about my blog from yesterday and how I complained about Keegan having croup and then talked about my friend having cancer. I didn't want to make that sound trite. The funny thing, not funny ha ha, is that another friend of mine has dealt with cancer for a while now without telling anyone. She asked for prayer this week, the same week that my other friend was diagnosed. I think it's neat that my two friends can help each other through this battle because they are sharing similar experiences that no one else can relate to. I'm reminded in the scripture when it says (paraphrase of course) "What the devil intended for harm, the Lord turns to good." I've seen some negative things that God has been able to turn to good. I don't understand why bad things happen and I surely don't like it. I'm trying to learn from everything I experience and gleam some wisdom from it.

Okay, kids are calling...yelling actually.

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