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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Today was a good day. It was busy. My Tuesdays are always long (poor me, right). I get up and go to the 5am Turbo Kick class. I meet a couple of friends at Starbucks at 6am for Bible Study. I stop in Walmart and do my grocery shopping (kidless). By the time I get home, Addy is usually awake or wakes up as I'm unloading groceries. Today, I got them up and ready to take Easter pictures. The picture place is about 5 minutes from IKEA and we had to return and swap out some church furniture. Grabbed a quick bit and headed home. Our van was in the shop today...again. Thanks Blain for letting us use your van:) It made our lives a lot easier today to not have to squeeze in the Saturn and head to IKEA and we didn't have to move our schedule around. That makes life a lot easier on us:)

Put the kids down for a nap (only 1 slept) and when they got up we hung door hangers on our street. Got to visit with a neighbor for a bit. I know I'm giving you detailed info but it is what it is. Fixed dinner while a couple of neighbor friends played with kids. Levi came home as I left, I go to WW on Tuesday nights to weigh in and I am 4 ounces away from losing 10 lbs...woohoo.

Headed up to church b/c a couple said they bought stuff for our kid's area...DID THEY EVER. I was absolutely dumbfounded at how much stuff they bought. We have a baby who was born a few months ago and her mom told us to have a "kid's area shower" instead of a baby shower so that the baby would have plenty to play with at church. Sweet right?!! Super sweet! So, we gave a list of things we needed in our kids area. That was Sunday. I seriously think they bought everything on the list and more. It felt like Christmas. I'm seriously still in shock at their generosity. And their response was, "This is for the church and the kids here!" The funny part, they don't have kids (they're in college) or grandkids. Awesome!!!

There's more but that's enough for now. I need to get back to tutoring. Have a great night.

By the way, we got power in the building today and the inspection is tomorrow or Thursday. Keep praying!! We are all so excited!

Have a great Wednesday!!

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