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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So, I'm trying to refocus today. I decided over Christmas break that I'm going to take one day a week to do some sort of fast. There's one big prayer request that I'm going to be focusing on but as other things come up I'll pray about those too. I would like to say that I've always been in the habit of prayer and fasting but I haven't. The times that I have fasted I really have felt a hunger (ha) for God and I've felt refocused when all was said and done. I want to stay in that state. I just felt really impressed that I needed to get into that habit. We have a friend in Austin who is doing a 21 day fast and I've been reading his blog. He talked about the importance of knowing the details of your fast. I posted the questions that he had on his blog here. Just in case you're was a great help for me!

1. My purpose or reason for fasting is:

2. I will observe the following kind of fast:

3. I will observe this fast for this period of time:

4. My accountability partner during this fast will be:

5. Why is this the right time for me to fast:

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