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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Heat....

So yesterday we finally broke down and bought a new digital thermostat, we thought it'd be more accurate and help with our heat/air bill. So, Levi installs it and everything is great. Mike & Liz came over for dinner last night and I realized that the air coming out of the vents felt cold. So, after they left, he calls a friend (which I'm glad he doesn't charge by the hour) who works on air/heating units. They are on the phone forever and Levi's pushing buttons, etc. In the process of troubleshooting, he does something that breaks something...don't you love my details. I just know our heat stopped at that point. So, Levi goes to the Hortings to get space heaters and the Sprangs to get an electric blanket (but doesn't get the cord). So, anyway, it was a cold night however the kids were nice and toasty. I believe our next purchase will be space heaters just in case:) The solution: our friend is going to come over tonight to help us out. Hopefully, he will be able to tell us how to fix it so we have heat again....sorry for the long blog about no heat.

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