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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cruise Recap #1

Okay so I'm going to try to fill you in on our cruise. It was amazing first of all. The weather was great. We made some great friends and strengthened our relationship with each other. So, for fun, we hung out in the karaoke bar A LOT!! It took 3 nights for me to get my courage up to sing. The first night Tracie and I just hung out and danced a bit. Finally, we all sang. Tracie and I sang "I Will Survive," Levi sang "Wonderwall" and Ken sang "My Dingaling." Ken brought down the was awesome!! We had so much fun!


Levi said...

I sang Wonderwall by Oasis, not "Today" as you reported. Upon further reflection, I am not sure it would be considered singing. Glad there were not video cameras rolling!

HeatherLow said...

I stand least I know you're reading my blog :)