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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lots Going On

Okay well we have a lot going on right now. We've had a great weekend and I'm anticipating a great day at church tomorrow. I'll have to fill you in on a couple of situations, I'll bullet them so I don't forget.

  • met a new friend from Frisco and am excited about that relationship
  • found out the van has been fixed, thanks to Josh, Rachel's boyfriend
  • found Allie a new home, Addy was oh so sad to see her go
  • we might get our door painted because while we were gone, a flyer stuck to it, the company is coming out Monday to see if they can get it off..weird I know
  • am getting a quote on carpet...I hope it's reasonable...I've wanted carpet for over a year
  • went to hear Jono's band, Saint Karla play tonight, had a lot of fun
  • Janet volunteered to babysit which was so nice and it's always good to visit
  • may have some first time guests tomorrow which is a crazy situation in itself
  • got to scrap with some friends and stayed up way too late but had a lot of fun
  • took Addy & Keegan to th wetzone again and they loved it
  • Addy & Levi had their first official date today and both had a blast
  • am getting a new scooba because our's isn't working and it's still under warranty
Have I mentioned that I am random???


Unknown said...
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godsgiftmylife said...

Thanks for the comment Heather. Wow, it sounds like you do have a lot going on over there.

ignore the comment from Pastor Lloyd, I did not realized I posted the comment as Lloyd.