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Friday, June 20, 2008


We just got back today from a week at teen camp. I know, it's been almost 2 weeks since I last blogged...bad bad bad. Our band, Fusion, led the worship this week at the Dallas Teen Camp. We had a lot of fun. There were over 200 teens and adult leaders there. We had fun connecting with some of the other adults around the area. There was so much energy and excitement. It made me miss being in youth ministry. I think being around all of those teenagers keeps you young. I definitely miss that and did this week. The teens were so accepting of us. I had a good time. We took the kids. Levi had to do some seminars a couple of the days but kept the kids at night. He would start in the service but it was too loud for Addy and Keegan couldn't get enough. They're so funny and so different. Levi was on night night duty all week and did a great job. I know he would have loved to hear the night services and he did get to here one complete one. He and the speaker connected so at least he had that. So, when you read this Levi...thank you thank you thank you. You're a great Dad!! Addy and Keegan did great. We went swimming a couple of days and they loved that. We had a good week. They actually asked the band to come back and play at another district event in a couple of months...pretty neat.

I'm doing okay. I've kind of been struggling the last couple of weeks at just being lonely. I know that sounds silly but just been kind of lonely. Ever since Addy's accident, I've felt kind of out of the loop. It definitely had made me realize that I want to spend as much time with my kids and Levi as I can. I stayed pretty busy and I'm trying to slow down a little bit and enjoy them more. I want to notice the little things they do. Like how Keegan covers his eye (sometimes only one) and uncovers and says, "BOO." And how Addy repeats EVERYTHING we say. Tonight, we were driving by our church property and they are doing a lot of work and it looks so different. We told her to look out her window. So she does and just says out loud, "Thank you God for building our church." Levi and I looked at each other with just HUGE grins. I don't want to miss anything with my kids and I'm so thankful for them and my time with them. It's funny to think of life before kids and now. I almost typed that there were definites that I miss....there aren't. I guess sometimes it would be nice to have more money (I thought that pre-kids too) and time and to not have the responsibility ALL the time. I can't even say that because they complete who I am and I can't imagine life without them. I can't even remember what we did without them.

I finished my day talking with a wonderful friend from North Carolina...I miss her tremendously. She balances me and I can vent and she brings me back around. She knows me so well and can be honest with me. She has given me a challenge for the week and I've got to remember to do it because she's going to ask me about it this week and I've got to have completed it....da da da da da ....okay I was trying to type the James Bond Theme song but it's not working...

Well, I should close, I'm pooped...I forgot how teen things make you feel that way too. It's a lot of activity with little sleep. I did enjoy the late night talks at the snack shack with the adults. it's late and I'm rambling. We took Addy and Keegan to Chuck E. Cheese tonight just to play. It was fun but we're all tired and we've got a big day tomorrow. Addy goes for her second dance class....JAZZ. I can't wait to see her. It was so much fun watching her do ballet last week. She's a natural:) Then, we have a birthday party and I think we might go pick blackberries. I know that's a lot but the party is right near an orchard and I'd love to get blackberries and peaches...YUMMY!! This has been random but I wanted to fill you in. I'm learning my life is pretty random so how can I expect my blogs to be any less:)

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