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Saturday, March 29, 2008

WHATEVER: Toddler to Teenager

We went out tonight with some friends and had a GREAT time by the way. It is always nice to go out with other adults. I find myself talking about the kids and different things they do...I guess that's what parents do. We had a great night. When we got home, Addy was still awake. I went to put her to bed, she was so tired, almost delirious. It was funny but then she'd cry, not so funny. She told me her bed was crazy because she couldn't get the comforter to lay flat. So, she's kind of OCD about some things, like her books at the end of her daybed. She lines them up and they have to be perfect. I put a tissue on one of her books to which she told me that wasn't where it goes. So, I moved it to the end, not on a book. She started to tell me that it still wasn't right and about mid sentence, she looked at me and said, emphatically, "WHATEVER." I got tickled because she totally used the word correctly and like I would use it. She is a mess. It was such a teenager thing to say. Where'd my baby go?

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