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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Catch Up

Well, it looks like we have a buyer for our house. We should know more details next week and are praying that it goes through quickly and painlessly. We're actually going to rent the house to them for a month while everything goes through. Although this is not the path we wanted to take, it seems that it is what we need to do. We're praying that God would direct this and I've prayed a lot for the buyers. I've prayed that God would bless them.

I know Levi blogged about my fasting which I'm really thankful for that experience. It's amazing how near that I've felt God these past two weeks. I am going to make a habit of fasting and praying. I've had insights into myself and those around me that I haven't had or felt for a while.

This weekend is Easter and how very exciting!! I had a lady tell me today that she doesn't celebrate Easter with her kids, other than Easter egg hunts. It really saddened my heart. There is such a sense of celebration and anticipation and emotion over this weekend. I hope my heart never becomes hardened to the JOY and POWER of this weekend.

Another awesome part of this weekend is that we start our weekly services Sunday. We're not a"real" church yet. Levi keeps reminding me of that...we're going to look more like a church but we're not full out launching until the fall. Our plan is to continue to try to build our team of believers who would say that they believe in Catalyst Rowlett and want to join our team. Then, in the fall we're going to launch for our target of unbelievers. We're praying that God would send us people whose hearts break for the people of Rowlett. We'd covet your prayers with us. We're really feeling anticipation and excitement about what God is going to do here. We're fully aware that it will not be our own power but His alone.

Have an awesome Easter weekend!!

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